With extensive experience in providing equipment to manufacture all types of catheters, it is clear Kahle offers an extensive knowledge base for the forming of all types of tubing. Kahle understands that when a plastic tube is formed into a tip, the plastic can displace when it begins to taper, creating a “pain bump.”  Using proprietary tip forming technology, Kahle Catheter Tip Forming can be used to form FEP, PTFE, TPE, and DEHP Free medical tubing tips in a variety of shapes and forms that are uniform throughout their length.

Kahle also offers various methods for punching holes on catheters.  Along with the standard systems, Kahle has developed an Ultrasonic Hole Punching Technology that allows our system to create eyelets that have rounded edges and that have a true radius shape, providing a device that is less painful to the user.

Kahle Catheter Tubing Hole Punching
Kahle IV Cahterter Tip Forming