Kahle integrates a variety of inspection systems in all automated solutions.  These inspection systems vary depending upon the needs of the product design.  From mechanical probes to laser sensors or pressure decay to vacuum decay, Kahle has the in-house solutions to inspect presence, flow, height, leakage, resistance, or any other metric that is quantifiable.

Kahle’s vision inspection team develops custom solutions to unique measurement problems not solvable with name-brand vision systems while also supporting name-brand requests.  Our custom systems include remote access to allow our vision experts to connect when requested by our customers to review new defects or perform troubleshooting and training on setup or illumination.  All of our displays come with user-friendly menus to reduce troubleshooting time and provide enhanced visual aids on the defects identified.

Examples included:

  • 220ppm glass barrel 360° inspection with 1° resolution to detect scratches 0.1mm in width
  • 700ppm plastic syringe barrel inspection to detect black, white, and clear particles >0.2mm2
  • 740ppm needle tip inspection to detect tip deformation >25 microns
  • 630ppm wafer crack detection utilizing four (4) lighting angles per assembly
Kahle Vision Inspection for Proper Assembly
Kahle Vision for Proper Adhesive Placement and Needle Position