All Kahle systems are custom designed to meet the requirements of our customers product design. Custom medical device automation technology and designs allow Kahle to develop innovative solutions rather than forcing our clients to conform to limitations in technology.

Kahle dedicates over 182,500 man-hours to design every year. This has resulted in the most comprehensive portfolio of proprietary technologies in the industry. When you choose a Kahle machine, you are choosing a level of performance that pre-fabricated systems simply cannot match.


Kahle’s design portfolio includes Continuous, Indexing, and Asynchronous Motion Assembly Platforms that feature the latest innovations in mechanical, pneumatic, and robotic assembly with premium inspection and process control operations. This flexibility allows us to create the ideal medical device automation assembly and inspection systems for projects of every scope and size.

Automation Expertise

Kahle’s dedicated engineering team is focused on developing solutions to improve the overall quality and performance of our equipment for our customers. Kahle continues to advance every aspect of the process from developing our own feeding systems to utilizing proprietary precision fluid dispensers, assembly movements, or testing applications. Our intention is to utilize or develop solutions which will exceed our customer’s standards and requirements.


Kahle has 100 years of experience in designing and building custom automation solutions, the portfolio of technology/solutions that we offer is too extensive to mention all of them. Below we have listed some of the medical device automation processes that are most often required for today’s medical and pharmaceutical devices. If you have any questions about our experience with other processes or manufacturing technology, please contact us for a more detailed discussion on how Kahle can help you with your manufacturing requirements.