Kahle understands the need for effective Material Handling and employs conveyor systems that are adept at multi-stage inter-machine buffering. Whether an individual component puck system, or a multicomponent rack or traying system, Kahle’s designs allow for efficient utilization of space between machines while integrating inspections to keep the systems running smoothly and ensuring that only valid parts are transferred downstream in the process.

In addition, Kahle has developed and offers a Tray-Loading, Stacking, and Unloading System that allows for controlled storage of components utilizing minimum cleanroom space. Preformed trays can be used for production transportation or packaging. These loading and unloading systems are built to allow for movement of the full and empty trays throughout the production area.

Based on our expertise in product handling for assembly, Kahle is an ideal partner for Material Handling and Tray Loading Systems, for transfer to Packaging Machines or any type of third-party process equipment.

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Kahle Tray Loading System
Kahle Material Handeling