Fluid Dispensing in the manufacturing of Medical and Pharmaceutical Devices is a critical process as it relates to the final quality of the component. As a critical requirement, the process of fluid dispensing and the systems used must be carefully designed and applied, since fluids can often undergo changes in viscosity, temperature, and pressure as they travel through a system.  Using the Kahle Patented AccuSpense Fluid Dispensing System, Kahle is able to combine speed, accuracy, and precision, resulting in systems that can dispense fluids with a wide range of viscosities to a tolerance of ± 1 micro liter.

In addition to solutions for typical dispensing operations, Kahle also provides custom spray nozzles to atomize fluid for external and internal coating applications.  The AccuSpense Fluid Dispensing System is used to dispense various fluids such as lubricants, solvents and adhesives.

The Kahle AccuSpense Fluid Dispensing System is also available for sale as a standalone unit for use on other applications you may have.  Please contact us for more information.

The Kahle AccuSpense Multiple Up Fluid Dispensing System
The Kahle AccuSpense Fluid Dispensing Valve