• 1916 Machinery Magazine Article

    Charles Eisler publishes an article in Machinery Magazine- Tungsten Lamp Manufacture, in Budapest Hungry prior to immigrating to the United States.


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  • 1920's Eisler Engineering Company Opens

    Eisler starts shipping equipment to manufacture the first Incandescent lamps using his own designs.



    On June 13, 1920 Charles Eisler opened Eisler Engineering Company in Newark New Jersey.


    Almost immediately GE (Thomas Edison) RCA and Westinghouse (the Big 3) who up until that time had a monopoly on the market, filed a lawsuit against Charles Eisler.


    In addition to the big 3, there was a growing cult of independent manufacturers that had access to the latest technological equipment to manufacture Incandescent lamps. Business was very good for Eisler.


    The lawsuit filed by the Big 3 against Eisler were with the intent to stop his operations. Eisler ultimately prevailed, the US District Court on December 21, 1928 ruled the Eisler Sealing-in Machine does not infringe on the patent held by General Electric Company.


    Eisler became the champion and major supplier of equipment to manufacture incandescent lamps and radio tubes to all the independent manufactures throughout the world.

  • 1930's Eisler Manufactures of Glass Syringes and Ampules

    1930’s Eisler started building equipment for the manufacture of Glass Syringes and Ampules