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November 12, 2017 | Medica -Compamed Show / Medical Product Outsourcing (MPO)

Kahle Custom Automation Equipment Solutions

5 Questions from the Booth: Kahle Automation

Custom automation equipment solutions are offered to the medical device manufacturing industry.

The editorial team of Medical Product Outsourcing reached out to several companies who were exhibiting at Medica or Compamed in case you’re unable to see them at the event or are not headed to Germany this year. Review the following questions we served up to Julie Logothetis, president of Kahle Automation and see if the company is a potential manufacturing partner for you.

MPO: What technology or service are you emphasizing at Medica this year?
Julie Logothetis: Custom automation equipment for the medical device and pharmaceutical industries.

MPO: What’s the most common challenge customers inquire about and how do you address it?
Logothetis: Providing high speed automation/assembly equipment for small critical components. Kahle has an extensive portfolio of technology for medical device manufacturing. Further, Kahle builds all its own feeders and material handling so we are able to eliminate most of the risk very early in the evaluation of a project.

MPO: If you could give one piece of advice to companies seeking a manufacturing partner before they make a decision, what would it be?
Logothetis: You need to feel comfortable with the company and the solutions they are proposing from the start. If you are uncomfortable with any aspects of the project and the potential partner can’t offer fixed pricing, then they don’t have the proper technical expertise to execute.

MPO: What are the forces driving medical device manufacturers to seek your technology/services over doing it in-house?
Logothetis: When it comes to automation equipment, it is very difficult for even the very largest companies to maintain the level of technical expertise required. They get in a rut of “me too” projects and they can’t take advantage of the latest technology.

MPO: In what ways is your company able to aid in getting a product (project) to market faster?
Logothetis: Kahle can work with companies from early in the design stage to consult on all the design attributes that will ultimately lead to a successful end for high speed production while validating the process as it moves along.

If you’re interested in following up with Kahle at the event, you’ll find them in Compamed at hall/booth 8B/G20-6.