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Kahle DEHP-Free Tubing Assembly and Processing

As industry guidance moves toward alternate solutions for flexible PVC medical products, Kahle has been at the forefront of developing techniques and new technology for alternate bonding and forming methods on our IV Tubing Assembly and Process equipment as well as our Catheter Assembly and Inspection equipment.

All Kahle Tubing Assembly and Process equipment designs are executed with DEHP free Tubing considerations and the impact of this material change is being accounted for on all new machine builds. Transitioning from traditional PVC (with DEHP) to DEHP free Tubing is a difficult process if you are not working with a partner that has experience with alternate Tubing materials. This results in redefining, redesigning, and reengineering your product bonding and handling operations. However, with an automation portfolio dedicated to only the medical, pharmaceutical, and healthcare industries Kahle has been ahead of the curve on developing solutions for alternate materials and our Tubing component bonding, tip forming, and eye forming processes for DEHP free Tubing are already developed, proven, and running in validated production environments even if formal industry guidance is only on the horizon.

Kahle’s Tubing Machines are available in rotary and linear indexing or asynchronous machine platforms at various output requirements. Kahle also has extensive experience in Tubing processing to manufacture various tip designs and hole punching, including ultrasonic formation of the eyelets in the manufacture of Urinary, Suction, and Drainage Catheters.

Phthalate free Tubing products made on problem free Assembly, Inspection and Process equipment. That’s engineering perfection. That’s custom solutions. That’s Kahle Automation.

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