Kahle’s Medical Tubing Assembly and Processing Machines are available in a variety of platforms offering many different output requirements. The equipment can be supplied as a dedicated machine to supply a single product configuration and can have tooling options to assemble several product codes and configurations. Utilizing robot integrated assembly systems, Kahle can manufacture more than 1,000 configurations of a Tubing Set on a single production line. The equipment can also be designed to accommodate micro bore and large diameter tubing utilizing processing for all types of medical tubing materials.

Tubing Sets can be coiled and banded using paper or tape or formed into a bonded coil for a unique option of tubing set handling and presentation.

Along with our expertise in medical tubing assembly and processing machines, Kahle also has extensive experience in tubing processing to perform tip forming and hole punching, including ultrasonic formation of the eyelets for the manufacture of Urinary, Suction, and Drainage Catheters.

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Kahle Tubing Set Assembly Line
Kahle Over- Under Tubing Assembly Machine
Kahle Biforcated Tubing Set Assembly