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Glass Syringes / Prefill Assembly Technology

Kahle’s roots in the glass industry allow for a greater understanding of the handling, assembly, and inspection of all types of medical glass components. Kahle has experience in all areas of the manufacture and processing of Glass Syringes and Cartridges, including but not limited to integrity inspections of the product, integration into Vial and Syringe barrel washing, Needle assembly and bonding to the glass barrel, in addition to any peripheral assembly of components that a particular product design may require i.e. safety or specialty device features.

Kahle also offers complete Packaging and Loading solutions, such as the feeding and loading the Glass Syringes for all types of Ready to Fill Systems complete with the sealing of the tubs and loading of trays and Tray Handing Systems for Syringes and Vials.

Kahle works with our pharmaceutical customers to offer complete custom solutions to meet any of the production and product requirements.

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